July 24, 2018

Pilates is on!
Tomorrow night Wed 25th July.
7-8pm at Torphins Church Hall.
Summer Special Only £8
Mixed Ability - suitable for everyone - come give your core a summer boost. 

July 15, 2018

Every term we like to run a wee photo comp with Planks from wherever the fancy takes you....

No time like the present to get all your glorious holiday plank pics sent in. 

We seemed to have an animal inspired theme this term....

Winner - Anne Raeburn

Runner Up - Sophia Strang Steel and Pam Deacon. 

July 15, 2018

Hope everyone is having a glorious holiday. Remember just because Pilates is on a break, it doesn’t mean your practice has to stop. With such glorious weather there really is no better time to get out and get going!

So Plank/Side Bend/Bridge and Teaser wherever you are - enjoy outdoors - enjoy Pilates everyday, everywhere! 

Photo: Gigha Ferry ⛴ with Jura Paps 

June 19, 2018

Next week sees Monday and Tuesday Pilates reaching their Grande Finale. We will be finishing with a fifteen to one flourish! All 15 base moves in one class! It really has been a fantastic term. Look out for Summer Boost Classes - pay as you go classes to keep you in peak Pilates condition over the summer. 

June 15, 2018


This is a fantastic article summarising the key points that many folk worry about with their Pilates practice. Danielle has really nailed it in this quick read. 

Enjoy 😊☀️

June 13, 2018

Remember No Pilates tonight! Don’t let that stop you though!
Like a bridge over troubled waters....
Don’t let back pain stop you. The core is your foundation, strengthen it and you can build strength throughout the body. Find your core and be a stronger you......
#sublimepilates #everydaysaplankday #everydaysascoltyday #getoutgetgoing #skypepilates #purepilates #takepilatesanywhere #bonniescotland 

June 6, 2018

No Pilates tomorrow folks. However move of the week is Side Bend - often the harder things in life are worth working for. Building not only core strength but also shoulder strength and lateral spine flexion this move when mastered makes you feel on top of the world 😊👍🏼💜☀️#sublimepilates #everydaysaplankday #simplysublime #everdaysascoltyday #getoutgetgoing #bonniescotland 

May 26, 2018

With it all set to be a fantastic weekend why not take your Pilates outdoors! Make this weekends takeaway a really tasty one. #everdaysaplankday #sublimepilates #nomatrequired #plankingallovertheworld

May 26, 2018

After writing a wee bit about Pilates benefits in the Equestrian World. The horses have only gone and got in on the act!! Everyday really is a Plank Day!! Stunning views, glorious weather and some perfect planking from horses and human 😉 

May 18, 2018

No class needn’t = No Pilates. In this weather get out and enjoy Pilates wherever you are. Everyday’s a Plank Day people, No Mat required, Pilates Anytime, Any Place!

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