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Small Groups

Sublime Pilates caters for small groups and can offer flexible times to suit your needs. This service is very well suited to groups of people with the same specific goal. Whether that is to enhance a specific sporting performance or for general well being Sublime Pilates will tailor a programme to suit your requirements. Pilates is suitable for people of all levels of fitness. It’s a gentle way of raising your activity levels.

Postural Analysis

A clinic based service to assess specific posture type and address any imbalance to help improve specific postural weaknesses. Carried out with the input of a chartered and HPC registered physiotherapist if required, we aim to reduce pain caused specifically from poor posture. Extremely beneficial for young mums, those with ergonomic/sport related issues and people with degenerative changes.

One to One Pilates Sessions

If you are just starting Pilates and don’t fancy a class or have specific complex postural problems a one to one intensive session may be for you. One to one sessions allow a much more focused and individual approach to your problems. With 45 minutes to concentrate on specific postural issues, muscle realignment/balance or to address specific sport related problems this type of session can not only serve as a great introduction to Pilates but can help enhance sports performance as well as every day activities.

Pilates Classes

With a variety of levels catered for there are classes to suit all in both Aboyne and Banchory. Most of our Banchory Classes are based in the spectacular Unit Gym and Fitness and taught with hands-on instruction to ensure your alignment and posture are perfect throughout all abilities. Class sizes are small and welcoming allowing more time with the instructor — organised in 6-10 week blocks facilitating individual development and improvement. Pilates focuses on developing strength from the deep abdominal muscles, building strong muscle chains and sequencing throughout the body. Breathing drives each precise move, benefiting the whole muscular system.

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